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The Guild is proud to be a part of the arts community in Marion, Ohio and the continued support and participation of local artisans is key to our mission and our growth. Here is a list, in progress, of some of the people who make what we do at The Guild possible:

William Obenour creates beautiful paintings inspired by nature. His approach is unique and blurs the line between realism and abstraction. He prefers working in large scale on canvas using acrylic paints with a technique that he has developed. Come to The Guild to see examples of William's "Water Series" or to commission your own unique painting. William can be contacted directly at obenourart@roadrunner.com.

Ben Kern uses pencil, pastel, ink and paints to create original landscapes and portraits as well as specializing in automotive subjects. Contact Ben to commission your own original work of art at The Guild.

Patty Brown offers original watercolor paintings as well as prints and cards. Come to The Guild to see our selection of Patty's work.

Leah Lawrence paintings feature strong vibrant line, color and texture with a spiritual undercurrent and symbolic themes. Over the past 20 years, her work has earned awards and has been featured in exhibits and private art collections.

Michelle Litell (MyChimelle) creates handmade journals, hand-carved rubber stamps as well as fine soaps created with herbs and botanicals from her own garden! MyChimelle creations make unique and wonderful gifts. Michelle offers individual instruction on the art of stamp carving as well creating your own journal. Visit The Guild to see more of MyChimelle creations. Keep up with Michelle's latest on Facebook.

Carol Kable creates warm and expressive paintings in oil, acrylic and pastels. Carol is an active member of the Brush and Palette Club in the Mansfield area and her s art is widely exhibited throughout Ohio.

Tara Lawyer creates beautiful original jewelry, specializing in gemstones and hand-formed wire designs. Ask to have a piece of jewelry created especially for you! Come to The Guild to see EC Beaded Jewelry by Tara!  

Brooke Hilliard is the creator of our whimsical and wonderful Studio Sillies. Each unique character is lovingly and painstakingly created using hand stitching and felting. Adopt one today, or ask Brooke to create your very own Silly.

Brenda Timmons is an accomplished glass artist, specializing  in hand-cut and leaded stained glass. Her decorative pieces range from large displays to small ornaments suitable for gifts. Come to The Guild to see the newest additions!

Rich Timmons is an eclectic artist, currently showing a series of delightful geometrical-patterned abstract paintings. Rich's work combines remarkably clean brushwork with vibrant colors which together create the illusion of movement.

Dianne Krumnow is a certified instructor in Zentangle, a trademarked creative process. Visit The Guild to see examples of Dianne's work. Contact us to ask about upcoming Zentangle classes!

Richard Obenour has been a professional photographer for over 50 years. He combines traditional photography with digital treatments to achieve dazzling images in a range of subjects. The Guild is proud to offer a variety of Richard's photos, including his latest as well as a collection of black and white 1950s and 60s era Marion prints.

Annette Montis creates delightfully whimsical and surreal paintings, often using collage. She builds layers to create fabric-like textures and depth. We are pleased to be able to offer her wonderful paintings.

Beverly Morgan creates Ancient Sister Art stoneware pottery that is beautiful and functional. Each piece is unique and made to be loved. Visit often to see the latest by Beverly, including unique bracelets and greeting cards. 

Sandy Laipply is a multi-medium artist and instructor, specializing in watercolor paintings and classes. Be sure to visit The Guild to see Sandy's latest paintings, and go to www.watercolorsandwines.com to sign up for a watercolor painting class today.